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                                            SCHEDULING YOUR APPOINTMENT
Easily schedule your appointment with Dr. Shulamit Lerner through the links below. While payment is rendered at the time your session is scheduled, and is nonrefundable, you may reschedule your meeting up to 72 hours in advance of the appointment.

Each two-hour session is designed to comprehensively educate you about your child's diagnosis, and discuss specific questions you have about it. If your child has had blood tests and growth records pertaining to the diagnosis, Dr. Lerner recommends you email her these documents at least 24 hours prior to the appointment for her review. These are to inform her discussion with you, and direct her teaching toward your child's precise diagnosis.

Dr. Lerner strongly recommends that you begin seeking answers with your child's own doctor, and a local pediatric endocrinologist. Since she is licensed to practice medicine only in New York State, Dr. Lerner cannot diagnose or treat your child over a televisit. As a result, this meeting should not be considered a medical consultation, and Dr. Lerner will not be prescribing medication for your child. Rather, she will teach you - wherever you are - about your child's particular diagnosis, and review your child's labwork and evaluation within that context to answer your questions. It is her goal to support you and your local doctors to teach you all you need to know in order to be an informed partner in your child's care.

You and your local medical team should rest assured that Dr. Lerner's information will be correct, clear, and comprehensive.


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