Dr. Lerner explains your child's diagnosis,
so you can move from
worry into knowledge,
education into action

Parents worry.
Your son may be smaller than the other boys, or 
Your daughter has irregular periods.

Maybe your pediatrician diagnosed your child with early puberty or a thyroid problem,
but you have to wait to see an endocrinologist.

Or, your doctor has told you that all is normal and there's nothing else to be done, but you aren't sure and want to know more.

Maybe an endocrinologist diagnosed
growth hormone deficiency, Hashimoto's, or CAH,
but you have questions about the
best treatment for your child.
Dr. Shulamit Lerner

Dr. Shulamit Lerner has 
consulted on thousands of children as a
board certified pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist.

Now she brings her decades of expertise to
parents worldwide
who seek an interactive, personalized, and comprehensive conversation about their child's endocrine diagnosis.

She wants to provide support for you,
your pediatrician, and local endocrinologist
by discussing your child's diagnosis and your concerns with you.

Using current medical guidelines and her wealth of experience, she will teach you 
clearly and comprehensively
empowering you to make decisions to
optimize your child's health,
relieve your anxiety, and 
avoid costly and unnecessary treatment.

When you need more time and information,
you need the trusted experience that Dr. Lerner can provide.

Dr. Lerner wants to help you.
Click a link below to schedule your session now. 


“Dr. Lerner is a very special person and a superb physician. Her care and thoroughness is a rare find these days and her ability to dig deep to find answers is unbelievable.

She explained every aspect of our concerns in incredible detail and with such a caring manner. Dr. Lerner is simply a brilliant and kind person who deeply cares for her patients."


—  AW

                                          WHAT TO EXPECT

Each hour-long appointment will comprehensively educate you about your child's diagnosis, and answer your questions.

Dr. Lerner recommends that you begin seeking answers with your child's own board certified pediatrician, and a local board certified pediatric endocrinologist. An appointment with her is advised if you need more: more review of the questions you have after reading further and discussion with other parents, or more experience in treating your child's diagnosis to reassure you or knowledgeably discuss with you what you have read.

Dr. Lerner will teach you - wherever in the world you are - about your child's diagnosis, and review your child's blood tests and evaluation within that context to answer your questions. Rather than a medical consultation, you can think of this as a more comprehensive conversation about a diagnosis so that you can ask any questions you have, with plenty of time to do so. It is her goal to support you and your local physicians to teach you what you need to know in order to be an informed partner in your child's care.


If your child has had blood tests pertaining to the diagnosis, and has growth records available, Dr. Lerner recommends you email her these documents at least 24 hours prior to the appointment for her review. These are to inform her discussion with you, to direct her teaching toward your child's precise diagnosis.

You and your local medical team should rest assured that information will be correct, clear, and comprehensive.