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Dr. Lerner teaches parents who want to know everything.
Because you can't learn everything at a 15-minute doctor's appointment. 

Parents want to know why because they love their child.
They want to know about all options so that they don't worry.
They want to feel confident that they have done all they can for their child.

If your child has been diagnosed with an endocrine condition
- or you're simply concerned that your child has a diagnosis -

and you're looking for more in-depth explanation,
If you feel that your doctor dismisses your concern,
Or if you just want to know more about causes and treatments of:
slow growth and short stature, 

Hashimoto's thyroiditis or hypothyroidism, 
precocious or rapidly progressive puberty, 
adrenal concern including congenital adrenal hyperplasia,
unexplained weight gain and insulin resistance,
PCOS, absent or irregular periods, or hormonal concerns

First, click on a Learn About link above.
Learn about a condition, how it is diagnosed, and what treatments are available.
Learn what you need to know, so that you can be a partner with your child's doctors in your child's care.

If you have more questions, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lerner.
Review what you've researched, or heard, or observed in a two-hour conversation with
board-certified pediatric endocrinologist, pediatrician, and parent 
with decades of experience with medications, supplements, and alternative therapies.

Dr. Shulamit Lerner will discuss all of your concerns with you,
answering all of your questions and explaining to you what you need and want to know. 

Dr. Lerner helps parents turn worry into knowledge, education into confidence.
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Dr. Lerner Answers Questions from Parents like You

Dr. Lerner Answers Questions from Parents like You

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Dr. Shulamit Lerner has helped thousands of children and families as a
board certified pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist.

Now she brings her decades of expertise to parents worldwide who seek an interactive, personalized, and comprehensive conversation about their child's endocrine diagnosis.

Dr. Lerner wants to provide support for you, your doctors, and other specialists by discussing your child's diagnosis and your concerns with you. She is happy to discuss with parents what doctors don't have time to review during a visit - especially questions about alternative treatments, and to explore what you've researched on your own.

Using current medical guidelines and her decades of experience, Dr. Lerner will teach you clearly and comprehensively, answering your worries and questions, empowering you to make decisions to optimize
your child's health, avoid costly and unnecessary treatment, and relieve your anxiety.

When you need more time than your doctor can provide, Dr. Lerner wants to help you. 

“Dr. Lerner is a very special person and a superb physician. Her care and thoroughness is a rare find these days and her ability to dig deep to find answers is unbelievable.

She explained every aspect of our concerns in incredible detail and with such a caring manner. Dr. Lerner is simply a brilliant and kind person who deeply cares for her patients."


—  AW

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Start seeking answers with your child's own health care provider and, if available, a pediatric endocrinologist.  

Read about a diagnosis, including answers to many of the questions parents have, through the LEARN ABOUT button above.

An appointment with me is helpful if you need more time, and more conversation about the concerns and questions you have about a child's diagnosis. 

I teach parents like you what you want to know so your child can receive optimal care.

At your appointment, we can review your child's blood tests, previous reports and evaluations. These documents will help inform my discussion with you, to direct my teaching toward your child's precise diagnosis.  Important documents include growth charts in growing children, laboratory results, consultation reports, imaging reports, and - if  possible - images of bone age x-rays.

I will spend two hours with you focused on your child's diagnosis. That time is guided by your questions and concerns, and can include teaching to provide background, as well as a comprehensive conversation prompted by your questions about your child's condition and its treatment.  

You and your local medical team should rest assured that information will be correct, clear, and comprehensive. 

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