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Dr. Shulamit Lerner MD
is a pediatric endocrinologist in New York City 
who takes care of the GH appeal process for you.

So your child can receive the GH that is needed for their growth.

Dr. Lerner has a proven track record of successfully appealing
over one hundred insurance denials with a
success rate approaching 100%.

Dr. Lerner will guide you through the appeal process,
worry by worry, step by step, 
you have the best outcome possible in securing insurance coverage
for your child's growth hormone medication.

To discuss details specific to your child, schedule a time to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Lerner.
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Dr. Shulamit Lerner has helped thousands of children and families as a
board certified pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist.

Now she brings her decades of expertise to parents worldwide to provide support for you, your doctors, and other specialists by taking care of the appeal process for you.

Using current medical guidelines and her decades of experience, she will quickly appeal your insurance denial and discuss your options for securing coverage of your child's medication.

When you need more time and experience than your doctor can provide,
Dr. Lerner wants to help you. 


“Dr. Lerner is a very special person and a superb physician. Her care and thoroughness is a rare find these days and her ability to dig deep to find answers is unbelievable.

She explained every aspect of our concerns in incredible detail and with such a caring manner. Dr. Lerner is simply a brilliant and kind person who deeply cares for her patients."


—  AW

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                                                 HOW DR. LERNER CAN HELP

Shulamit Lerner, MD is a pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist

caring for children in the New York area and beyond since 2001. 

Following fellowship training at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

of New-York Presbyterian, she taught students and residents, conducted

research and cared for patients for a decade as a member of

Columbia University's faculty practice. 

Dr. Lerner directed the Pediatric Endocrine Testing Service for 10 years,

and was a clinician and participated in research in the Adolescent

Bariatric Surgery Program. She chaired the Gender Committee,

coordinating education and a team of specialists in supporting families

and children with disorders of sexual development and gender differences.

You and your local medical team should rest assured that information will be correct, clear, and comprehensive. 

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