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Your daughter has irregular periods.
You worry that she has a hormone imbalance, and
don't know what to do.
Your pediatrician told you all is normal,
or has told you she has PCOS or a hormone imbalance.
You don't know what treatment to consider.
A pediatric endocrinologist or gynecologist
diagnosed your daughter with
insulin resistance or elevated male hormone levels,
and she's started treatment.
You still have questions.

If you have questions,
Dr. Lerner wants to help you.


Websites don't answer your specific questions,
or you don't know if you can trust their information.

Your doctor doesn't have time
to have a conversation until you have an appointment,
and a pediatric endocrinologist
isn't available for months.

You want to know what you should do, and
you want to know if your child needs specialized care.

Dr. Lerner has spent the last twenty years
as a renowned educator,
and board-certified pediatric endocrinologist.
Now, she brings her expertise and compassion to parents worldwide who seek a personalized and comprehensive conversation about their child's endocrine diagnoses.

By providing clear and comprehensive 
information, she will
empower you to make decisions to
optimize your child's health,
relieve your anxiety, and 
avoid costly and/or unnecessary treatment.

Dr. Lerner Answers Questions from Parents like You

Dr. Lerner Answers Questions from Parents like You

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“Dr. Lerner is a very special person and a superb physician. Her care and thoroughness is a rare find these days and her ability to dig deep to find answers is unbelievable.

She explained every aspect of our concerns in incredible detail and with such a caring manner. Dr. Lerner is simply a brilliant and kind person who deeply cares for her patients."


—  AW

More About Shulamit Lerner

Dr. Lerner provides a scientifically-based review of a child's medical care, and attends to a family's need to be educated about their child's endocrine condition.  She aims to understand an individual child's health and environment, to tailor education for their parents. As needed, she works as a partner with parents and a local pediatrician or pediatric endocrinologist to suggest exploring an alternate diagnosis or other appropriate course of therapy. 


Shulamit Lerner grew up in several states in the Northeastern United states, graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She trained in general pediatrics through a combined program at Montefiore and Jacobi Medical Centers, followed by a fellowship at Columbia University's Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian to specialize in Pediatric Endocrinology.


For the following ten years, Dr. Lerner remained at Columbia, teaching, conducting research, and seeing patients in both upper Manhattan and Riverdale. In 2015, she started her private practice, in which she has been able to provide more time and improved communication with families. Dr. Lerner has a particular interest in exercise and nutrition, encouraging her patients to take steps toward a lifestyle that meets their body's needs for optimal well-being.   She is delighted to learn from and work with all medical practitioners, including integrative specialists, to maintain the teamwork required to optimize care of an individual child.  She enjoys researching connections between other pediatric conditions and their effects on a child's endocrine health. With Endocrine Explained, Dr. Lerner is thrilled to be available to teach families around the globe, bringing up-to-date, interactive, comprehensive, and personalized education about a child's condition to their family.

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